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  • Expert IT Support For Your Business-Critical Software

    Bespoke solutions, CRM platforms and ERP software form the technology backbone of modern organisations. While they deliver tremendous productivity and efficiency gains, these mission-critical systems can grind to a halt without robust ongoing support. Partnering with a competent IT services provider is key to keeping your custom and enterprise applications running smoothly.

    IT Support Needs For Bespoke Software

    Bespoke software is custom-built to your specifications making expert assistance vital for continuity:

    Upgrades & Integration – Your provider helps continuously advance capabilities supporting changing needs. Smooth integration with other business systems avoids functionality gaps.

    Troubleshooting – Specialised troubleshooting is offered to diagnose issues, restore normal functioning and prevent incidents.

    New Releases & Fixes – Regular updates and bug fixes are deployed to enhance stability, close security holes and improve performance.

    Hosting, Backup & Security – Application and data hosting is secured on fast, scalable infrastructure. Failover clustering and remote backups maintain continuity.

    Documentation – They clarify software architecture, components, administrative tasks etc. to smoothly handover during staff transitions.

    By leveraging designers’ application expertise, bespoke software is kept robust and aligned to your current processes.

    Ongoing CRM Support Services

    As core sales infrastructure, CRM systems require expert supervision in key areas:

    Technical Support – Assistance with setup, integration, troubleshooting configuration problems and fixing bugs that arise during usage.

    User Support – Helpdesk for employees needing guidance on how to use CRM functionalities through training, documentation and ticketing.

    Upgrades & Add-Ons – Continually evolve platform by installing new CRM releases, features, third-party add-ons supporting changing requirements.

    Customisation – Tweak interfaces, objects, fields, formulae and workflows to improve data structure, reporting and analytics aligned to processes.

    Backup & Security – Prevent data loss and breaches by regularly scheduling encrypted backups. Apply latest security patches.

    Performance Tuning – Monitor and optimise speed by expanding storage/memory, SQL indexing and caching settings based on usage patterns.

    Advisory Services – Provide advice on latest CRM technologies relevant to company and integrate with stack.

    Managed IT support enables you to continually adapt the CRM platform keeping sales teams productive.

    ERP Infrastructure and Support Requirements

    Due to heavy integration across finance, supply chain, manufacturing, inventory and other core functions, ERP solutions demand robust:

    Hosting Infrastructure – Enterprise-class facilities having redundancy, failover systems and mirrored backups to protect uptime. Disaster recovery mechanisms included.

    Access Control – Sophisticated user access rules, role-based permissions, credential management and authentication safeguards restricted data visibility.

    Network Security – Advanced threat detection, multi-layered perimeter defence, anti-malware, firewalls and round-the-clock monitoring protect systems from external and internal risks.

    Change Management – A systematic approach to handhold during upgrades to minimize business disruption without sacrificing continuity.

    Performance Management – Infrastructure supervised 24/7 for optimal speed. Historical usage analytics leveraged to scale ERP modules supporting growth.

    IT Staffing Support – Dedicated desk-side ERP experts supplement short-staffed internal IT teams to setup user accounts or troubleshoot issues promptly.

    Documentation – Design documents detailing custom elements like interfaces, integrations, workflows, reports and interdependencies facilitate maintenance even with employee churn.

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